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Siyazama Project

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This  NGO originated out of the Black Community itself, when the wife of a pastor realized the need of care for the aged in her own community, namely Zwelihle.  The residence of this black community originated from the Eastern Cape and the township is a place of poverty and unemployment.

In 1992 Mrs. Nellie Tebele decided to reach out to the aged in this community and she started a social club for the aged.  Initially they got together at her private house once a week.  She used to cook a very limited meal which consisted of mainly vegetables which she funded herself.  She requested them to bring some tea bags and they shared a cup of tea.  Soon the numbers grew and when there were 30 regular members, she approached the Municipality and they agreed to make the community hall available for this purpose at a monthly rate of R15.00 per month.  The meetings were increased to twice a week.

Mrs. Nkalashe of the “Age in Action” program  became aware of the project and under her initiative, a donation of R300,000.00 was made to the Municipality by the IDT (Independent Development Trust) to build the necessary facility.  This money was utilized to build the centre where the project is currently run in cooperation with the Zwelihle Development Trust, on a piece of land that belongs to the Municipality and was made available for this specific project.

Rent is currently paid to the Municipality.


The facilities exist of a Service Centre with a dining area, a kitchen, a small office, a laundry and several external add-on’s such as a Garage and a wendy house to accommodate the Inter-Generation Volunteers and groups.
On the outside, a well maintained garden is run, to produce vegetables for the project itself.


Mrs. Tebele is assisted by 5 Caregivers.  The Staff is paid a minimal salary of R1,000 per month. Unemployed youth workers are also assisting in caring for the aged and are learning to work with elderly people.


The primary activity is caring and feeding the elderly people in the community.  For this purposes, breakfast and lunch is served from Monday to Friday to 75 aged persons.  The aged contribute a club fee of R15 per month.
The caregivers also distribute a further 20 meals which is delivered on foot to bedridden and weakened people in the community.
The Aged are assisted to visit the Health Clinic which is right opposite of the facility and the Caregivers also assist with all administration and literacy problems that the elderly might come across.
Although a Toyota Quantum bus was donated to the Centre by the St Vincent de Paul foundation of the Roman Catholic Church, it cannot be utilized effectively, because of a lack of funds to pay for fuel and maintenance of the vehicle.  The vehicle is properly kept in the garage that was also build by the donor organization and it is kept in a very good condition.
The members of the club are encouraged to knit, do some needlework and take part in recreational activities.  The Recreational Activities are monitored and facilitated by the Outreach program of the Physiotherapy Department of the University of Stellenbosch and is monitored on a weekly basis by final year students of the Faculty.


Because of the high ethical standards within this organization, several other projects were entrusted to them to manage for the benefit of other groups within the specific community:

  • Gardening project

Funds donated by the Dept. of Social Development were entrusted to the Siyazama management to run the gardening project for the women in the community.  This project was very successful and is currently continuing without the help of further involvement from Siyazama.
Siyazama managed the project for a fee of 10% of the donations from the monies that was handled by them

  • The Laundry Project

Washing machines and tumble dryers were donated to Siyazama which is currently in full operation.  Washing is done for members of the community on a fee basis and this projects helps to generate much needed funds to support the rest of the projects.

  • Inter-Generation Project

Siyazama was approached by the Dept. of Social Development to be involved in a program in the community to bridge the gap between the older generation and the youth.  A program is run from the centre to involve mainly unemployed youths.  They are taught the values and traditional culture by the aged.
Currently 24 youth volunteers are at the centre, and they are accommodated in a wendy house which is in urgent need of repair. The youth is assisting the Caregivers in fetching people in wheel chairs and taking the elderly to the clinic for their regular visits.
They also assist in the gardening on the premises.

  • Soup Kitchens

Siyazama currently runs 2 soup kitchens, namely one in Zwelihle and another in Hawston, a nearby Coloured community.  Approximately 180 people are dependent on each of these programs for a meal per day.  This serves to feed the poorest of the poor in the communities, but unfortunately run on a very limited budget.

  • After-School-Care Program

The After-School-Care program is also under the management of Siyazama.  120 Children from the community is cared for under this scheme.  It is run by volunteers who assist the children from Gr. 1 to Grade 7 with their homework after school.  The children also receive a meal and engage in recreational activities to keep them off the streets.

Because of the management structure of the Siyazama Service Centre, it is utilized with great trust by all donators to ensure the correct and effective distribution of funds donated to the community.  Siyazama serves as an effective vehicle to distribute money to reach the hungry and naked – in other words, the poorest of the poor.  Siyazama is an organization within the Black Community of Hermanus, to serve the Black Community of Hermanus.


Masikhuphuke Soup Kitchen
Quarterly                         R36,000.00
(To feed 180 people on a daily basis)

Hawston Soup Kitchen
Quarterly                         R36,000.00
(To feed 180 people on a daily basis)

Nompucuko After School Care Project R No Funds Available

Siyazama Service Centre (monthly donations)
Department of Social Development             R8,800.00
St Vincent de Paul Society (paid directly to SPAR)    R1,500.00
Membership fees                    R1,150.00


Although the needs of the Service Centre are continuous and unlimited, our club has identified the most urgent needs and is currently funding the following:

  • Funds to run and maintain the vehicle   R36,000.00
  • Our Club is also looking into the following funding in support of the project:
  • Repairs to the Inter-Generation Facilities on the premises    R15, 000.00
  • Development of Additional Vegetable Garden on the premises  Including irrigation system R40, 000.00


A DONATION TO THE Rotary Club of Hermanus for this specific program can attract BEE points under the SED Category  (Code 007).  Code 700 states that a Company with a turnover of between R5m and R35m can score a maximum of 25 points if 1% of its Nett Profit , After Tax, is spent on an organization where at least 75% of the beneficiaries are Black, Coloured or Indian. All the beneficiaries in this project fall within this Category.


Annexure 1     – Siyazama Community Profile
Annexure 2     – Siyazama Annual General Meeting Report
Annexure 3     – Siyazama Budget for Transport 2010 – 2011
Annexure 4     – Masikkhuphuke Soup Kitchen  Income and Expenditure Report June 2010
Annexure 5     – Hawston Soup Kitchen  Income and Expenditure Report June 2010
Annexure 6     – Nompucuko After School Care Project Income and Expenditure June 2010
Annexure 7     – Siyazama  Service Centre Income and Expenditure June 2010
Annexure 8     – Financial Statements for the Period 2008 – 2009 (the latest statements are still being prepared)
Annexure 9     – N P O Certificate
Annexure 10     – Photo album

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