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The formation meeting on the Rotary Ann Club was held at the Marine Hotel on 17 September 1954.

One of their main projects over the years has been the " Bargain Box" run since 1963 by the Rotary Anns (wives of Rotarians) as a charity shop. This extraordinary shop, with humble beginnings, is run entirely with the voluntary effort of the Hermanus Rotary Anns. The shop serves :

a) to clothe the poor
b) to raise funds with which the Rotary Anns can better the local Community
c) fellowship!

The clothing and other bric-a-brac is either donated by and/or bought from the public at a third of the selling price and in this way good quality clothing at affordable prices, is sold. From humble beginnings, when net profit for the first 4 years was R1,700, the end of last financial year showed a net profit R101,241. Over the years the total takings have increased and now more than R184,000 goes through the till annually. Because of the success of the "Bargain Box"many needy charities and organisations are supported either monthly or annually by donations.

Many, many charitable projects have been supported and funded through the abbreviated list will give some idea of how far the Rotary's wheel's spinning has reached.

Nursery Schools
Society for the Care of the Aged
Red Cross
Boarding Schools
Night Shelter NSRI Cancer Care
The Civilian Blind The Publicity Association Destitute children
Education Bursaries School Feeding Schemes Hospice
Food Hampers McMillan House Annual Christmas parties

The "Bargain Box" has had 5 addresses since it's inception. After negotiations, and in recognition of service given, the town Council made available, at a nominal rental, a plot of ground near the heart of the town at 18 Mitchell Street. The Hermanus Rotarians then took up the challenge on behalf of their Anns. Funds were raised and borrowed from monies available from a bequest. A new "Bargain Box" was planned and built This new, self-owned building meets the specific needs for the smooth running of the shop which is open daily from 10 am until 1 pm.

The project has been good for the Rotarians, has built up enthusiasm amongst the Rotary Anns and an ongoing project has been established which will help assist the needy in the village and is good publicity for Rotary


Rotary International is the world's first service club organization. Its more than 1.2 million members volunteer their time and talent to further the Rotary motto, Service Above Self.


District 9350 covers a large part of the Southern African sub-continent, incorporating the whole of Angola and Namibia, and the western part of the Republic of South Africa. It covers an area of 2.4 million square kilometres reaching from the Angolan border in the north to the southern tip of Africa - a distance of 3 200 kilometres and is an average of 600 kilometres wide along it's entire length. Its coast is washed by both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, and it's varied, natural beauty is unsurpassed in Southern Africa.

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