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Our first incoming student was Kim Hastwell from Busselton, W. Australia. She arrived in February 1970. Other incoming students have been:

Claire Neil, Adelaide, S. Australia; Marta Salasporras, new mexico, U.S.A. ; Olivia Lizagabow, Adelaide, S. Australia; Rob Janus, Cessnok, N.S.W. , Australia; Colin Smith, New York State, U.S.A. ; Jessica Conoplia, Queensland, Australia; Renata Aubreu, from Brazil, S. America and Luke McDonald, from Brisbane, Australia.

Cheryl Mcfarlane who went to slippery Rock U.S.A. was the first outgoing student followed by: Lynn Christie-Smith, muncy, U.S.A.; Annatjie Scheepers, Timaru, New Zealand; Vicki Erskine, Arizona, U.S.A.; Cecile Burger, Busselton, W. Australia; Dirk Currie, Denmark; bevan Pope, Colorado, U.S.A. ; and Elizabeth Lambrechts ,Brazil, S. America.


We have hosted teams from Israel, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Nigeria, Sweden.


The Club has been involved with these tours since 1990. We have hosted incoming tours form Missouri, U.S.A.; Worcestershire/Gloucester; Derbyshire; Devon and Austria and have taken part in tours to Austria, Worcestershire/Gloucester, Australia and New Zealand.


A club was formed in 1989 with pupils of the Hermanus High School but it did not last very long. It was revived by Lizette Louw in 1997 and is going well at present. Rotarian and teacher Anneke Harms is currently in charge of Interact at the school.


Our Club has been most fortunate to have had three main benefactors over the years, namely HR HILL, AB MOLLERGREN and Rehna Cloete.

One of the Clubs main benefactors was Mr HR Hill and this was due to the considerable influence of Cyril Gillespie. A large sum of money was left in trust with one of the Banks, with the direction that a proportion of the income had to be paid to the Club to provide amenities for the people of Hermanus. He was a brilliant Consulting Mining Engineer with Union Corporation and moved permanently to Hermanus in the 1940's. He had 3 children 2 sons and a daughter. One son was killed during the last World War and the other died tragically afterwards. Mr Hill died in 1964.

Rehna Cloete, also known as Tiny and wife of the renowned author Stuart Cloete, left a sum of money to the club to be used for the Aged in town.

Mr AB Mollergren was a retired owner of an engineering business in Benoni during the early 1940's. He used to drive a different one each day to Pretoria and back home to Benoni.

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